chanteur Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc

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chanteur Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc


學而。唱  chanteur Pure Audio Blu-ray released 2012.

Something different.
Something new.

Besides the high-resolution files as FLAC, DSD, AIFF and AAC/MP3 files,  there are also the cover and booklet as PDF as well as bonus images are made available.

On the latest Chanteur release, Bondy has placed 2 of her new original song MVs at 1080 HiDef resolution.

Album with 7 pop classics and features 3 original new songs, 

  1. 月光燈 
  2. 好想為你唱一首歌 
  3. Crazy for You 
  4. 原來只要為你活一天 
  5. 歡樂今宵 
  6. 淘汰 
  7. 逃避你 
  8. 願我可以學會放低你 
  9. 幻影 
  10. 只想再一起

 1080 HiDef resolution MV,

  1. 月光燈 
  2. 好想為你唱一首歌



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